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Design and manufacture of equipment for engineering education and research. Constantly evolving for the growing demands of the engineering education sector.

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Operating since 1963, the Armfield Education Division designs and manufactures engineering teaching equipment and research equipment. Used at universities, colleges, schools and research centres around the globe, Armfield engineering teaching equipment is known for innovative designs and a level of unmatched quality. The Armfield range covers all of the main engineering disciplines: Chemical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering; Food Technology plus many more, and is constantly evolving in line with the growing demands of engineering education.

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Engineering Teaching Equipment issue 11 catalogue
Quick reference catalogue

Engineering Teaching Equipment edition 11 catalogue

Your guide to over 200 Armfield Engineering Teaching and Research products and accessories and includes additions to our Chemical Engineering range plus two new ranges, the DLMx (Desktop Learning Modules) range and the Structural Engineering range


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Edible and essential oils processing guide

The guide discusses process and highlights equipment from our Education FT (Food Technology) and Industrial IFT (Industrial Food Technology) ranges, which combined, cover all aspects from raw material to finished product.

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Food technology guide

FREE Guide to Education Food Technology

Introduces the concepts and terminology
 of Food Technology Teaching, Research and Development for Colleges, Universities and Research establishments.

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