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Armfield extend air-conditioning teaching & research range

Posted on 23rd November 2009

New equipment for studying all aspects of modern air-conditioning systems is now available from engineering education specialists Armfield.

The RA3 features an initial heating stage, humidifier, chiller/dehumidifier, final heating stage, climatic chamber, return duct and adjustable recirculation.

A transparent conditioning duct allows complete visibility of the process.

The system is computer controlled via a USB interface, and includes educational software for data logging, graph plotting with real time updates, mimic diagrams and data export.

The RA3 compliments the existing products in Armfield's RA range; the RA1 Vapour-Compression Refrigeration Unit demonstrates the most common refrigeration system used today, and the RA2 Air Conditioning Unit offers many of the features of the RA3 but as a more compact air conditioning duct.

To learn more, please view the RA3 datasheet at

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