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Armfield introduce chemical reactions in colour for easy visualization

Posted on 23rd November 2009

Armfield have developed two unique educational reactors for demonstration of flow patterns and reaction rates - the CEY Plug Flow Reactor and CEZ Laminar Flow Reactor.

The CEY demonstrates step and pulse changes for plug flow characterisation, and steady state conversion for a second order reaction.

The reactor allows straightforward visual monitoring of tracer and conversion experiments using colour, and features full instrumentation for measuring conductivity and temperature. Demonstrational capabilities include flow pattern characterization in a packed Plug Flow reactor with axial dispersion, steady state conversion for a chemical reaction in a packed reactor, and the principles of tracer techniques in flow pattern characterization.

The CEZ is a small-scale laminar flow reactor which shares many of these capabilities but demonstrates both flow pattern characterization and steady state conversion in a tubular reactor. The unit is also fully instrumented and allows simple visualization of the progress of reactions using colour.

The reactors are accessories to a common service unit, the Armfield CEX Chemical Reactors Teaching Equipment. The new accessories are small-scale, free-standing units that are easily connected to the CEX, and compliment four existing reactors designed for use with the service unit.

When connected to the CEX service unit, conductivity data logging allows the student to apply flow pattern characterization theory and compare it with experimental results – helping them to understand the principles behind these industrially-important reactions.

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