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Armfield release new Air-Conditioning Training Unit

Posted on 18th July 2017

New training module for refrigeration and air-conditioning training!

The RA4 is a standalone desktop refrigeration demonstrator based on a vapour-compression refrigeration system (VCRS). The most common refrigeration system used today, this is where the refrigerant undergoes phase changes to absorb and reject heat in a controlled manner.

Demonstration Capabilities

  • Demonstration of component function
  • Instrumented running conditions showing refrigeration pressures
  • Temperature gauges showing performance under running and fault conditions
  • Fault injection through built in refrigeration circuit and electrical faults

The RA4 control panel comprises standard refrigeration gauges as used by a service technician. There are also indicators to show the status of the low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure system safety switches. Indicators show the compressor running status. Three temperature displays indicate the air temperatures before and after the evaporator coil and show the condenser coil temperature.

Many of the components used are automotive, but the process is the same in vehicle, building services and refrigeration units. A DC compressor has been selected to provide drive, due to its low-voltage, low-noise operation against an automotive-style belt-driven compressor typical of high-current AC motors.

Three switches are fitted to the system to demonstrate typical faults found in refrigeration or air-conditioning circuits. When any of the three switches are selected, the student can observe the displayed information on the control panel to diagnose the fault condition being demonstrated. The three faults that can be selected are:

Block/restriction within the high-pressure circuit
Blocked expansion valve
Restricted condenser heat rejection


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