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Chemical Reaction

Posted on 25th February 2011

Computer Controlled Chemical Reactors Teaching Equipment - CEXC

Chemical Reactors Teaching Equipment – Computer controlled CEXC











The Armfield CEXC Computer Controlled Chemical Reactors Teaching Equipment demonstrates the characteristics of the important types of chemical reactors. Developed in conjunction with the University of Newcastle, this complete family of products uses electrical conductivity to monitor chemical reactions, alleviating the need to analyse samples throughout experiments as all the changes and results are automatically logged.

•    Small convenient desktop size resulting in short timescales for reactions
•    Computer controlled meaning data logging and educational software is included as standard.
•    Built-in USB connection for computer link.
•    Software to control the product has built in alarms to warn if e.g. water level is too low, temperature is too high, etc, rather than ending the experiment
•    Improved hot water circulator installed to maintain the correct temperature for the required reaction. In addition, the software has been enhanced to log up to 3 different temperatures to suit various experiments
•    The water reservoir is now transparent meaning the water level is visible for ease of checking
•    Circulating pump has been re-positioned on top of the equipment to allow easy access for maintenance
•    Smoother flow in peristaltic pumps using heads with 3 rollers
•    Safer and more user-friendly through use of chemical suppliers’ 2.5L containers rather than dispensing into feed tanks and draining the vessels after use
•    Better instrumentation including data logging of reactant temperatures
•    High & low conductivity ranges to suit the level of conductivity in the reaction depending on the process fluids used
•    Reactions chosen for demonstration involve a conductivity change so that the progress of the reaction can be monitored. The built-in conductivity sensor can measure and record the degree and rate of conversion from the change in conductivity

We are proud to announce that the new CEXC offers a significantly enhanced product technically and shows real cost-savings as well.

Also new for 2010 is the CEB-MkIII Transparent Batch Reactor. The product has been enhanced to a transparent vessel so you can see the chemicals reacting. By using different indicators, you can see the reaction occurring by the change in colour. Reactions in the CEB-MkIII are monitored by conductivity probe as the conductivity of the solution changes with conversion of the reactants to product and visually due to the use of indicators. The improved CEB-MkIII now incorporates a jacket to allow isothermal operation, either heating or cooling, and a turbine agitator to provide mixing and heat transfer capabilities.

To learn more, please view the datasheet at:

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