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Desktop Learning Modules - DLMX

Posted on 17th June 2013

Knowledge stems from experience!

Inspiring the next generation of engineers!

Armfield and Washington State University have joined forces to develop a brand new teaching system that can deliver results in a way that engages students and encourages them to investigate advanced engineering topics!

Desktop Learning Modules (DLMX) are small, robust, highly visual teaching systems that can be used in a number of ways to promote engineering subjects like Heat Transfer, Thermofluids and Fluid Mechanics. The system can be used to perform demonstrations to a whole class, but equally is simple and robust enough that students could use them in groups or even operate them individually.

The system comprises a base unit DLMX and seven different cartridges (DLMs), each covering its own unique engineering discipline. The cartridges are a simple push fit, making them easy to interchange in seconds and without any supervision. The base unit recognises the different cartridges, thanks to a smart chip and displays all the required information on the display to perform detailed analysis of the subject covered. The display also features multiple language options, so the system can be used all over the world. 

The DLMX system is a delightfully simple learning device that is technical enough to perform in universities and college laboratories. However, it is also highly visual and interesting enough to be used in schools captivating younger students and encouraging them to study further.

The units are battery operated and feature a water reservoir, pump, controls and display. This enables the unit to operate in any space and without the need to be powered by mains electricity.

The available cartridges cover a huge range of engineering subjects and more are planned for release at a later date. To start the DLMX will launch with the following cartridges.

Cross Flow Heat Exchanger (DLM1)

Fluidised Bed (DLM2)

Orifice Plate (DLM3)

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (DLM4) *two DLMX base units are required

Tubular Heat Exchanger (DLM5) *two DLMX base units are required

Energy Losses in Hydraulic Systems (DLM6)

Venturi System (DLM7).

The DLMX teaching system is unlike anything else currently on the market and is affordable for any university, college or school wishing to enhance its curriculum to encompass engineering subjects. With simple operation and a highly visual display this modern teaching system can inspire students to become the next generation of engineers.


Note to Editors: Armfield Ltd, of Ringwood, England, has been making engineering teaching equipment for the last 50 years. Designed to train engineers of the future, Armfield teaching equipment covers a wide variety of subjects including Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machines, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Water Treatment, Irrigation Water Management, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Internal Combustion Engines, Unit Operations, Process Control, Biochemical gineering, Structural Engineering and Food Technology.

Armfield Ltd is a global company and supplies universities and higher education establishments all over the world. It prides itself on its communication, both pre and post-sale.

Further information from:

Jon Filer – Head of Marketing

Armfield Ltd, Bridge House, West Street, Ringwood, BH24 1DY, UK

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