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Discover the new ranges from Armfield Didactec Sanderson

Posted on 31st May 2012

Brand new mechanical, automotive & civil engineering products for Mechanical & Automotive Mechanisms and Statics & Vibrations


When Nick Weir, Managing Director of Didactec-Sanderson, indicated his desire to retire from the business, Armfield jumped at the opportunity to acquire the intellectual property rights to this successful range of fundamental teaching equipment for mechanical, automotive and civil engineering.

Armfield is now proud to announce the release of two new brochures, Mechanical & Automotive Mechanisms (MAM) and Statics & Vibrations (SV) illustrating these ranges, which Armfield is optimistic will complement the existing extensive range of products, being particularly apt in relation to the very successful Armfield Engine Test Beds, and thus extending their interests in the automotive sector. In addition, there are Statics, Structures, Vibrations, Materials Testing and Mechanisms products.

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