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Engineering Fundamentals (EF series) launched

Posted on 14th November 2017

Release one is part of a comprehensive range of Engineering topic trainers, which provides students with a solid grounding in Engineering Fundamentals. Further Chapters, Topics and Experiments are set to be released in 2018/2019.

The series enables hands-on experimentation providing an in-depth introduction to Statics, Dynamics and Kinematics. The Modular tray based system is supplied in conjunction with a multifunctional Base Unit (EF-BU) enabling the student to conduct their own experiments. Release 1 includes the following topics: Forces; moments; Beams; Springs; Torsion; Simple Harmonic Motion and Simple Mechanisms.

Each kit is supplied with a highly visual user friendly operational guide, allowing the student to understand the theory of the subject by the application of practical experimentation.

Perfect for the following levels:
Schools & Colleges
Vocational training
Universities Undergraduates

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