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Fluid Mechanics - Complete Fluid Mechanics Laboratory now available - Armfield F1

Posted on 17th January 2011

Fluid Statics, Fluid Dynamics, Open/Closed Channel Flow and Rotodynamic Machines

Hydraulics Bench - F1-10 and Complete Fluid Mechanics Laboratory - F1



















Fluid statics

Armfield has separated the F9092 into individual components, to enable you to only purchase the equipment you need. These products consist of F1-11 Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Calibrator, F1-12 Hydrostatic Pressure, and F1-14 Basic Metacentric Height; together with three new products, F1-29 Fluid Statics & Manometry, F1-30 Properties of Fluids and F1-31 Pascal’s Apparatus. You can buy any combination of product, and add to your laboratory as and when you need them. In addition, these products have been enhanced to ensure you can run the same experiments, but even better than before.

Fluid dynamics

The C7-MkII and C11-MkII have been re-engineered as accessories rather than stand-alone products to make it easy for you to tailor your laboratory without committing to a major purchase of a bench for each experiment. By utilising these accessories on a bench, you can easily integrate the products into your labs cost effectively.

C11-MkII has been further enhanced with the pipe networks and fittings in a permanent arrangement, with isolating valves to choose the various configurations. You can now see the flow through clear acrylic test pipes; and a hand held pressure meter replaces a manometer to measure head losses in the pipe networks.

We have also introduced our new S16 Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator bench accessory which has been developed to overcome difficulties in understanding the fundamental hydraulics concept of energy and momentum and enables practical demonstrations of the effects of changes in upstream water level, downstream water level etc.

Rotodynamic machines

Armfield has a brand new addition to the range, introduced because you told us you needed it! Due to popular customer demand, we have launched the F1-32 Francis Turbine. Using the F1-10 Hydraulics Bench, you can demonstrate power, efficiency and torque of a Francis Turbine at various speeds, and the product is designed to perfectly complement the F1-25 Demonstration Pelton Turbine.

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