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Heat transfer training has evolved.

Posted on 20th December 2012

The unit consists of a bench mounted vertical air duct positioned on top of a centrifugal fan. The air duct incorporates an aperture positioned near the rear wall of the duct, into which three different types of heated surface can be inserted. The three types of heated surface supplied with the HT19 are; flat plate, cylindrical pins and finned surface.


With a transparent duct to enable visualisation of the whole process, including the measurement sensors and the heated surface, the HT19 is fabulous for comparing results directly to theory. While the forced convection takes place inside the duct, you can also perform the same experiments outside the duct to give free convection. With safety guards, quick and easy interchangeable heat exchangers and powerful Armsoft software, the HT10XC and the HT19 accessory are perfect for teaching Heat Transfer. The HT19 is available as an add-on for those who already have the HT10XC service unit.


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