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New H41 rtCam and nanoLase PIV system

Posted on 3rd May 2009

Laser PIV flow measurement for the masses

Engineering education and research specialists Armfield have collaborated with Etalon Research, a measurement consultancy with considerable experience in the design of PIV systems, to introduce the Armfield/Etalon H41 Laser PIV System. The technology provides a non-invasive means of measuring a fluid's instantaneous velocity, at multiple points in a flow, at rates of up to 16Hz.

Developed at Warwick University using an Armfield S6 laboratory flume, the product is ideally suited to hydraulic teaching and research studies. The relatively inexpensive unit makes this form of flow measurement accessible to many who, in the past, may have considered it expensive and impractical.

Utilising sophisticated multi-pass processing technology, the system matches the performance of higher power PIV systems costing several times more - thus providing a cost-effective tool for experimental fluid dynamics research. A compact, portable design, and software with real time display, make the tool suitable for teaching and demonstration. The system is easily fitted to most new or existing hydraulics and hydrology equipment, and flow data can be recorded to video, bitmap, text and Matlab formats.

For a full technical specification, please view the product datasheet at

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