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New RA Series for Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning

Posted on 6th April 2009

New miniature-scale teaching systems allow precise thermodynamic analysis of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning processes

Ideal for use in the classroom or laboratory, the RA Series incorporates the RA1 Vapour-Compression Refrigeration Unit and RA2 Air Conditioning Unit.

The RA1 allows the student to gain a thorough understanding of the refrigeration process. By altering process variables and recording the response of the complete system, the student can carry out in-depth analyses of heat transfer processes, investigate the coefficient of performance, and perform a full energy balance across the system.

The RA2 is used to demonstrate all aspects of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, helping the student to understand air heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification. Featuring full instrumentation, including temperature and relative humidity sensors at every stage of the process, the system will also help the student to develop an understanding of relative humidity and humidity ratios, and the use of psychrometric charts.

Unique designs ensure a level of accuracy and precision previously unavailable in similar teaching equipment, making the systems suitable for both vocational training and rigorous academic analysis. Each system features an integral USB interface device, facilitating full remote control and automatic recording of process variables to a suitable PC.

For full technical specifications, please view the product datasheets here.

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