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Design and manufacture of equipment for engineering education and research. Constantly evolving for the growing demands of the engineering education sector.


Fifty Years of Innovation

This year is a very special year for Armfield Ltd as it marks the 50th anniversary of its Educational Engineering Division.

Armfield was established in 1875 and made its name in Hydroelectrical installation of turbines supplied all over the globe. In 1963 Armfield Ltd began looking into ways to help Universities and Higher Education establishments improve their teaching methods by supplying modern equipment that could emulate large machinery on a small-scale. With such a strong background in fluid mechanics, the Technical Engineering Education Division (TEED) created many innovative systems for students to conduct experiments and observe the fundamentals of engineering.


Expanding Product Ranges

Over the years Armfield’s equipment range has continued to expand and they now supply over 300 different apparatus for a wide range of engineering disciplines including Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Water Treatment, Irrigation Water Management, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Unit Operations, Combustion Engines, Process Control Technology, Structural Engineering, Statics and Vibrations, Mechanical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering and Food Technology. Many of the world’s leading universities use Armfield’s systems to educate young engineers of the future and as industry leaders Armfield are continuing to develop their product range to encompass more and more academic areas.

Armfield S20 Flume (M)


With such an illustrious history Armfield are not a company to sit back and rest on their success and are continuing to innovate and develop new and exciting concepts to evolve engineering education. This year alone they plan to bring several new teaching systems to market and have already introduced equipment into new areas like the ST10/11 Understanding Structural Behaviour range, for teaching structural engineering. This pioneering new teaching system was developed in collaboration with Dr David Brohn, whose book Understanding Structural Analysis is supplied with the system. The system gives students a firm foundation in understanding how structures behave and can teach important skills that computer software based design programs often fail to address.

Dr David Brohn and Armfield ST10/ST11 (M)

Latest Advancements

At the ASEE conference in Atlanta, Armfield will be launching another unique new teaching system Desktop Learning Modules (DLMX) produced alongside Washington State University (funded by National Science Foundation NSF) to teach fluid mechanics, thermofluids and heat transfer to the next generation of engineers. This simple, highly visual teaching system can enable students to gain an understanding in these advanced engineering topics helping to promote the STEM teaching methodology and encourage pupils to appreciate science subjects from a very young age. The DLMX system will appeal to universities, colleges and schools that wish to teach these subjects in a clear and concise way. Once again there is no other teaching equipment like this on the market and the company have high expectations for this unit, particularly with a great deal of emphasis being placed on STEM subjects across the globe.

Students with Armfield DLMX (M)

Front Cover of 1963 TEED catalogue

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