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Oil and Gas Equipment


Oil and Gas industrial processes related to specific Armfield Teaching and Research Equipment:


UOP30 - 3-Phase Horizontal Separator

Gas treatment & sweetening:

CES – Wetted Wall gas Absorption Column

UOP7 MkII – Gas Absorption Column

UOP15 – Fixed Bed Adsorption Unit

UOP20 – Modular Evaporator Series

Oil treatment:

UOP3CC & UOP3BM – Distillation Columns

Water treatment:

W Series

Heavy distilation / Product treatment:

UOP3CC & UOP3BM – Distillation Columns

UOP4 MkII – Solid /Liquid Extraction Unit

UOP5 MkII – liquid / liquid Extraction

UOP12 – Filtration Unit

Chemical reactors:

CEXC – Computer Controlled Chemical Reactors Training Equipment

CEP MkII – Stirred Tank Reactors in Series

CEU – Catalytic reactors

Fixed and fluidised bed:

CEL MkII – Fixed and Fluidised bed Apparatus

CERA-MkII – Gaseous Diffusion Coefficient Apparatus

CERB – Liquid Diffusion Coefficients Apparatus


Additional treatments to sub-products:


CEK MkII – Fluid Mixing Studies

Mercaptans removing:

CES – Wetted Wall gas Absorption Column

UOP7 MkII – Gas Absorption Column

UOP15 – Fixed Bed Adsorption Unit

Improving purity:

UOP12 – Filtration Unit

UOP3CC & UOP3BM – Distillation Columns


Petroleum Engineering Curriculum and Product List

Below is a guide to show how our products cover a general curriculum. Every university or institute will have a different curriculum so please only use this as a rough guide. Please use the equipment list in the next section to relate the product code to an Armfield product.

A Laboratory relating to an oil and gas engineering course would contain some or all of the equipment depending on the establishment’s curriculum, every laboratory is unique, and so Armfield will work with each customer in the Laboratory design process.

Our expert team would be pleased to discuss your paricular application and requirements, please contact your local agent for more details on the following link:


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