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Soil/Water Model Tank

Code: FEL2

A free-standing, self-contained apparatus for laboratory-scale investigations of surface irrigation and related systems, including the surface and sub-surface effects of water application.

Rainfall Simulator

Code: FEL3

The FEL3 can be used in the laboratory or the field for simulated soil erosion and stabilisation studies. Ideal for investigating the relationship between rainfall and soil erosion, and identifying methods by which erosion may be prevented.

Demonstration Lysimeter

Code: FEL6

The FEL6 provides a useful means of measuring evapotranspiration by the water-balance method. Suitable for both student project work and demonstrational purposes.

Soil Moisture Suction Sand Table

Code: FEL4

Primarily for the derivation of soil moisture characteristic curves, the FEL4 helps in understanding the principle of water retentivity and its relationship with soil moisture levels.

Demonstration Infiltration Apparatus

Code: FEL5

The FEL5 provides a simple but effective laboratory demonstration of the infiltration processes which are fundamental to all forms of irrigation study.

Drain Permeameter

Code: FEL10

Suitable as a demonstrational tool or for laboratory based testing and research, the FEL10 enables the investigation of field drain filter materials. The unit allows students to determine relative efficiencies and optimum filter/soil combinations.

Gauging and Control Structures

Code: FEX40-3-7

A range of equipment to demonstrate the mode of operation of a variety of control structures, used to establish a command from which water is discharged to an area where it is applied to crops in a surface irrigation distribution network.

Flumes and Gauging Weirs

Code: FEX26-1-11

A series of flumes and weirs for the measurement of water flow rates in open channels. Components are manufactured from tough durable materials yet can be easily handled during installation.