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Multifunction Process Control Teaching System

Code: PCT40

The Armfield PCT40 provides a cost-effective way of teaching a wide range of process control techniques in a simple basic unit. More advanced aspects of process control can be addressed by adding optional extras to the system.

Essentials of Process Control

Code: PCT50

The 'Essentials of Process Control' (EPC) range features easy to use, highly visual and self-contained products and software, ensuring that students have a clear understanding of the principles, yet the exercises are advanced enough to provide students with a thorough grounding in Process Control.

Process Plant Trainer (Process Control Trainer)

Code: PCT23MkII

The PCT23MkII demonstrates a complete range of process control methods and strategies, including manual control, single feedback loops, cascade loops and distributed supervisory control of the process by a remote PC.

Process Vessel Accessory

Code: PCT41

The PCT41 extends the capability of the basic PCT40 by adding an additional process vessel, complete with a heating/cooling coil and a stirrer. Again the inputs and outputs are brought to the quick release manifold block. The PCT41 also includes a conductivity probe to allow cost effective fluid property demonstrations to be performed.

pH Sensor Accessory

Code: PCT42

The PCT41 includes a conductivity probe as part of the basic supply. This conductivity probe can be used to demonstrate fluid property control systems, without the maintenance problems, which can be experienced with pH probes. However, as pH control is probably the most common industrial application of this type of control system, users may wish to implement true pH control loops. This can easily be implemented by adding the PCT42 pH sensor accessory to the combined PCT40 + PCT41 system.

Electronic Control Console

Code: PCT43

The PCT 43 is an electronic control console that can be used to control the PCT40 (+PCT41/42) instead of a computer. It includes controls for the pumps, valves and heater, plus a display for the sensors. It incorporates a commercial PID controller, complete with RS232 interface. Other facilities include 4-20mA interfaces and selector switches to enable many of the different configurations to be implemented without using external jumper connections.

Pneumatic Valve Module Accessory

Code: PCT44

The PCT44 is a pneumatic control valve, plus associated components, for use with the PCT40/41 system. Retaining the flexible concept of the whole range, it can be plumbed into many of the flow-control loops, and provides a good illustration of pneumatic valve technology.

Industrial PID Controller

Code: PCT20H

The PCT20H PID controller connects to selected Armfield equipment, providing an analogue input/output, relay and alarm sockets for a digital output control action. An RS232 port enables serial communications with a user-provided PC.

Industrial PLC Unit

Code: PCT19BR

The PCT19BR Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) enables multi-channel compatibility with selected equipment from the Armfield range. Accepts six analogue and eight digital input signals, and provides two analogue and eight digital outputs for use in a wide variety of control loops.