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Laboratory Flumes and Channels for Hydraulic Teaching and Research Studies

Code: S

Armfield Ltd has been designing and supplying open channel facilities (flumes) to hydraulic laboratories throughout the world for over 50 years. We have now introduced a new suite of standard research flumes, both tilting and fixed bed, available in several working lengths and a variety of operating modes. Also added to the range are computer control and data logging packages for S6MkII flumes.


Hull University Total Environment Simulator

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Swansea University 30m Flow channel Source: video report by Kate Morgan BBC News

Watch 30m Flume/flow channel – Swansea University

Mobile Bed and Flow Visualisation Tank

Code: S2

Practical demonstration and visualisation are essential to fluid flow study. The S2 enables students to conduct experimental studies of flow through permeable media, including mobile bed situations and two dimensional flow visualisation.

River Flow Simulator

Code: S17

The Armfield S17 simulation tank demonstrates river feature formation, including flow and bed load motion, making an excellent introduction to the study of fluvial geomorphology and can also demonstrate sophisticated and advanced concepts for research purposes.

Glass Sided Tilting Flume

Code: S6MKII

One of the most important tools to the hydraulics engineer, the S6MkII laboratory flume features a wide range of optional instruments and models to offer extensive demonstration capabilities in all aspects of open channel flow.

Advanced Hydrology Study System

Code: S12MkII

The S12 demonstrates significant physical processes found in hydrology and fluvial geomorphology, including rainfall hydrographs for catchment areas of varying permeability, and the formation of river features and the effects of sediment transport.

Drainage and Seepage Tank

Code: S1

Practical demonstration and visualisation are essential elements of fluid flow study. The S1 Drainage and Seepage Tank has been designed to allow students to conduct a highly visual experimental study of flow through permeable media.

Rainfall Hydrographs

Code: S10

The S10 demonstrates, on a small scale, the relationship between rainfall and runoff from catchment areas of variable permeability, and the abstraction of ground water by wells, with or without surface recharge from rainfall.

Ground Water Flow Unit

Code: S11

The S11 provides a small-scale demonstration of the hydrological principles of ground water flow, and their relevance to certain engineering constructions. Particularly suitable for the study of sub-surface water flows.

Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator

Code: S16

The S16 operates as an accessory to the F1-10 Hydraulics Bench, offering a highly visual demonstration of flow through both open channels and close conduits. Includes a unique elevating bed section, and models of various hydraulic structures.

Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel

Code: S8MKII

This improved version of the Armfield Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel enables the demonstration of the full range of bedforms that arise in a mobile bed as the flow and/or slope are increased.