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Cheese Vat

A simple, practical and student friendly means of demonstrating the cheese making process. The FT20Mkll operation is comparable to industrial-scale manufacturing, giving hands-on experience of process monitoring and control.

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FT20MkII Cheese Vat – Issue 5

An effective means of demonstrating the cheese making process in a simple, practical and student friendly configuration. The FT20Mkll operation is compared with industrial-scale manufacturing, giving the student ‘hands-on’ experience of process monitoring and control. The effects of heat on micro-organisms and variations in recipes on the taste and texture of the finished product may be evaluated.

An informative wallchart is supplied free with each FT20Mkll Cheese Vat purchased. It offers the student diagrams of the cheese making process and details the steps involved in cheese manufacturing.

Ordering Specification

  • A bench-mounted plinth manufactured from high-impact vacuum formed plastic containing a water bath with 2kW heater and circulation pump, into which is mounted a stainless steel vat of 6.5l capacity containing pH and temperature probes and a variable sweep rate agitator paddle driven by a guarded motor mounted on the plinth
  • Both water bath and vat are provided with drain-down facilities
  • Full instrumentation is integral with the plinth for temperature display and control, pH display and agitator paddle speed control
  • Data logging points are also provided allowing process data to be transferred to a PC via an optional data logging accessory
  • All parts in contact with the product are designed to be easily dismounted for cleaning
  • The cheese vat is supplied with a comprehensive range of accessories required to make a variety of cheeses

Demonstration Capabilities

  • Batch production process
  • Manufacturing of hard cheese
  • Manufacturing of soft cheese
  • Manufacturing of yogurt
  • pH monitoring
  • Systems and control
  • Industrial temperature control system
  • Quality assurance/Quality control (QA/QC)
  • Links between technology and science
  • Effect of heat on micro-organisms
  • Taste and texture comparisons
  • Recipe development

The Armfield Cheese Vat is a versatile piece of equipment designed specifically for the schools food technology area. It demonstrates a batch production process, which can be related to the factory process at all stages. It is designed to be simple to understand and use.

As the vat can be used to make a variety of real cheeses and yogurts, it is useful for tasks such as taste and texture comparisons of different recipes and manufacturing methods. It is an ideal unit for project work and investigations, allowing students to manufacture their own products and designs using industry standard manufacturing methods.

The equipment illustrates a number of major messages associated with food technology, for example:

Food is a Material Manufactured in a Factory, not a Kitchen

The Systems and Control aspects of Food Technology Courses are well illustrated by the use of an industrial temperature controller to maintain the water bath at a constant temperature. This control system uses a temperature sensor and a ‘PID’ feed-back system. It can therefore demonstrate simple control techniques and be used to investigate sophisticated control techniques for further study.

Data Logging

A data logging accessory is available as an optional extra, this allows the process temperature, agitator rate and pH of the product to be logged on a PC. Windows-based software is included to display tables and graphs of the logged data and to allow the data to be exported to a spreadsheet or stored on disk.


The FT20Mkll comprises a hygienic stainless steel product vat located in a temperature controlled hot water bath. Temperature and pH probes and displays are provided to monitor the product throughout the process.

An agitator mechanism is used to produce the curd making action, full control over the agitation rate being provided.

The stainless steel mechanism is quickly and easily detached for cleaning.

The product vat and water bath are self draining with a hygienic pinch valve being used to drain the whey from the vat.

All accessories required to make a variety of cheeses are provided.

Attention has been paid to making the equipment easy to use and to providing operational information in a lively, informative and easy to remember style.

Also available for schools is a comprehensive teaching manual outlining a number of resource tasks and activities optimised for secondary school students.

Technical Specification

Vat capacity: 6.5l (makes approx 650g hard cheese)
Water heater: 2kW
Temperature control: Adjustable to 50°C
Agitator rate: Adjustable
Vat contents sensors: Temperature, pH
Cheese-making accessories: A stainless steel strainer to separate curds and whey
A plastic cheese mould
Two cheese knives
A cheese press
Wall chart: 'The Cheese-Making Process'

Optional Accessories

FT20-Mkll-DTA-ALITE Data Logging Accessory:
Comprises interface device, software and leads.


Electrical Supply:

FT20MkII-A: 220-240V 1ph 50Hz 10 amp
FT20MkII-B: 120V 1ph 60Hz 20 amp
FT20MkII-G: 220-240V 1ph 60Hz 10 amp

Shipping Specification

Volume: 0.5m3
Gross weight: 40kg

Overall Dimensions

Height: 0.55m
Width: 1.00m
Depth: 0.50m