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Drum Dryer

A laboratory-scale drum dryer, designed for food, chemical and pharmaceutical research. The FT32 can be used for both product development and education, demonstrating the many drum drying applications.

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FT32 Drum Dryer - Provisional

The Armfield Drum Dryer consists of a nip-fed twin-cylinder drying machine, cast from Meehanite GA, cast-iron with combined endplates and trunnions. The rolls are accurately ground on the circumference, bored internally to ensure even heat transference, and suitable foe working with steam at up to 5.5 bar. The rolls are carried in grease lubricated bearings which are housed in circular endplates mounted on the base plate of the machine.


The laboratory Drum Dryer is designed for food, chemical and pharmaceutical research.

The unit can be used for product development or educational use, ideally demonstrating the many drum drying and flaking applications to students.

The equipment is supplied fully assembled and ready for connection to site services.

The liquid to be dried is fed into the valley created by the two drums, where it is applied to the drums as they rotate together. The dry product is removed by a knife on each drum.

The unit is constructed from stainless steel, providing cleanliness and resistance to chemical attack.

The drums are cast iron and engineering hard chrome plated to ensure maximum heat transfer and the ability to scale up results to production-sized equipment.

The shaft-mounted main drive speed is adjusted by electronic inverter in the control panel.

Technical Specification

Drum size: 300mm diameter x 200mm long
Drying duty: Max material feed rate 45 kg/hr
Max water evaporated 30 kg/hr
Steam consumption 40 kg/hr @ 6 bar
Operating temperature: 162°C max
Pressure: 5.5 bar max

Essential Accessories

FT32-20 Vapour extraction system

This is fitted above the dryer and draws the vapours produced when drying away through the fan and duct assembly.

FT32-21 Feed system

The stainless steel feed tank and variable-speed pump deliver the material to be dried through the solid pipeline to the dryer feed.

Optional Accessories

FT32-24 Feed Roll Assembly

This assembly of 3+1 feed rolls allows you to turn the double drum
into a Single Cylinder Feed Roll Dryer, representative of production
scale drum dryers.

FT32-25 Feed System Mixer

A stainless steel, paddle-type mixer mounted on the feed tank
on a hinged lid. This enables any particles in the feed to remain
in suspension and reduces settling within the feed tank.

FT32-26 Pressure Reducing Valve Assembly

This comprises a pressure reducing valve to reduce the incoming
pressure of the steam supply to that necessary for the dryer.
Also included is a steam safety valve for safe discharge in the event
of over pressurisation. This has a manual easing valve if needed to
dissipate the steam safely.


Three-phase electrical supply
FT32-C: 415V 3ph 50Hz
FT32-D: 208V 3ph 60Hz
FT32-E: 380V 3ph 50Hz
FT32-F: 220V 3ph 60Hz

Overall Dimensions

Height: 1.50m
Width: 2.70m
Depth: 1.50m

Shipping Specification

Volume: 6.1m3
Gross weight: 2,500kg

Ordering Codes

FT32-C: 415V 3ph 50Hz
FT32-D: 208V 3ph 60Hz
FT32-E: 380V 3ph 50Hz
FT32-F: 220V 3ph 60Hz