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Laboratory Steam Generator

The UOP10 is an advanced boiler, providing a constant, steady supply of steam. The compact unit requires only connection to water and electrical supply for operation.

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UOP10 Laboratory Steam Generator – Issue 8

As many laboratories do not incorporate a centralised or reliable steam source, Armfield offer an advanced boiler providing a constant supply of steam. The compact unit requires only connection to water and electrical supplies for operation.

Ordering Specification

  • A floor-standing continuous steam generator 
  • Splash-proof electrical enclosure and switches
  • Solid-state level control on feed water tank 
  • Easy and safe access for maintenance and inspection, with door isolator to the main electrical enclosure 
  • Manufactured in accordance with Module G of the European Pressure Equipment directive 97/23/EC 
  • A comprehensive instruction manual


The Armfield UOP10 Laboratory Steam Generator comprises a mains fed header tank with level control which supplies the pressure vessel via a quiet-running, heavy-duty, high-pressure feed pump.

The pressure vessel is built to all relevant British and European standards. Being heavily insulated with two totally immersed Incoloy heating elements it provides a highly efficient and economical means of generating a continuous supply of steam.

The two heating elements are individually switched and the unit will operate satisfactorily on a single element.

The integral control panel houses an on/off mains switch with switchable test functions; LEDs display the operational status of the equipment.

The UOP10 is fully safeguarded via a magnetic circuit breaker (MCB) and a residual current device (RCD) to give a long trouble-free life.

The components of the UOP10 are mounted within a steel cabinet finished with a high-gloss stove enamel paint for corrosion resistance and long life. Front panels are hinged for easy access and are fitted with key-operated handles.

It is recommended that for optimum life of the unit, feedwater should be demineralised.

Optional Accessory

In some countries it is illegal to blow down a steam boiler directly into the drainage system and a separator must be used. Armfield can offer a purpose-built separator to fulfil this function. Users should check local regulations on the requirements for this unit.

UOP10-10: Blow Down Separator

Technical Details

Steam output at 100°C: 55 kg/hr (continuous)
Heat output: 36kW
Heating elements: 2
Max operating pressure: 10 bar


Electrical supply:
UOP10-C: 415V 3ph 50Hz 57A
UOP10-D: 208V 3ph 60Hz 112A
UOP10-E: 380V 3ph 50Hz 57A
UOP10-F: 220V 3ph 60Hz 112A
Water supply:
1.0 l/min 2 bar max usage

Shipping Specification

Volume: 2.1m3
Gross weight: 490kg

Overall Dimensions

Height: 1.93m
Width: 0.68m
Depth: 1.12m

Note: Total height of 2.5m is required for access