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3-Phase Horizontal Separator

New and Unique product with applications in the Oil & Gas and water Industries

The Armfield 3-Phase Horizontal Separator is a small-scale unit capable of demonstrating the principles and operation of gravity separation and the effect of viscosity, flow characteristics and density difference on separation. The Armfield UOP30 comes with two horizontal separator configurations making the UOP30 a versatile teaching unit.

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UOP30 3-Phase Horizontal Separator - Provisional

The separation of two immiscible liquids and a gas using density difference is one of the most important process operations in the oil and gas industry. Examples include separation of produced water and condensate from gas and the separation of gas and produced water from crude oil.

The Armfield 3-Phase Horizontal Separator is a small-scale unit capable of demonstrating the principles and operation of gravity separation and the effect of viscosity, flow characteristics and density difference on separation. The Armfield UOP30 comes with two horizontal separator configurations making the UOP30 a versatile teaching unit.

Armfield_UOP30_3-Phase_Horizontal_Separator from Armfield Social Media on Vimeo.

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  • Computer controlled with integrated data logging
  • Continuous recycling of feed
  • Two separator interchangeable designs supplied as standard (weir and bucket & weir design)
  • Visual demonstration of the entire separation process
  • Adjustable interface & level controller
  • Emulsion chemistry possible (stable and unstable emulsion)
  • Compatible with different feed (use of different oils with varied viscosity and density)
  • Compact / self-contained unit*
  • Adjustable weir and bucket weir heights
  • Water and oil non-return valves for safe operation of the unit
  • Optical liquid level sensors
  • Coalescer


  • Enables the evaluation of the design principles and controlling parameters of three-phase separation
  • Enables study and investigation of the separation of two immiscible liquids
  • Clear acrylic vessel and pipework for visual demonstration of entire process
  • Versatile unit with two separator design configurations supplied as standard
  • Rapid removal of separator design configurations to enable cleaning and quick changes in experimentation
  • User-friendly control of flow rates and levels within the vessel
  • Fine control of weir and bucket heights
  • User-friendly adjustment of level and interface heights


A combination of refined oil, water and air enters the vessel, the flow is directed to the spherical end of the vessel where primary separation occurs and then flows through the vessel where it meets the coalescer. 

At the secondary separating section, the fluids are allowed to slow down and separate by gravity. The water being the heaviest in gravity stays at the bottom while the oil floats on top and the gas occupies the void space in the vessel. 

Demonstration Capabilities

  • Learn basic principles of control and operation of a three-phase separator
  • Effect of varying operating conditions on separation
  • Effect of step change on overall process
  • Effect of gravity separation on small ∆SG
  • Effect of continuous-phase medium on droplet size and separation
  • Variation of water cut to show the effect on separation and residence time
  • Effect of flow rate on emulsion formation
  • Evaluation of emulsion chemistry possible (stable & unstable emulsion)
  • Effect of water-oil ratio on residence time
  • The effect of density difference on separation


On opening the armSOFT desktop software, the user is taken to the process screen, which shows a diagram of the equipment/process. The screen shows readings from the equipment, updated in real-time, in engineering units.

This screen will also show any calculated variables and controls that the user may need. Users can navigate to the other parts of the software using the tabs at the bottom of the screen. The Data tab offers a number of options for processing and displaying the data from the equipment. Graphs, results table, bar charts, etc are all available via a second set of tabs to the left of the screen. Users can also select data filtering options.

Results are saved in a log, which can be viewed and manipulated with the armSOFT Results Viewer. Results can be printed or exported to a generic spreadsheet format, which can be opened in a wide range of packages for further analysis.

The software also includes facilities for closed loop control. The software uses a PID control algorithm to adjust an output in response to changes in one of the inputs. For example, the pump speed may be varied in order to regulate a flow rate.

For further information on the advanced features of the sophisticated Armfield software please visit:

Technical Specification

The Armfield 3-Phase Horizontal Separator has been designed in accordance with API 12J and CE requirements.

Clear acrylic vessel: 300mm x 900mm
Water flow meter range: 0-25 l/min
Refined oil flow meter range: 0-25 l/min
Air flow meter: 0-10 l/min
Feed tanks capacity: 50l
Water pump range: 0-15 l/min
Refined oil: 0-9 l/min


Electrical supply:
UOP30-A: 220-240V 1ph 50Hz
UOP30-B: 120V 1ph 60Hz
UOP30-G: 220-240V 1ph 60Hz
Water supply: For initial fill prior to use and as required during the process
Oil: Refined oil

For UOP30 without optional LCD screen:
A PC (not supplied) running Windows XP or later, with a USB port.

Ordering Codes

  • UOP30-A
  • UOP30-B
  • UOP30-G
  • Armsoft-LCD-15.6 – Optional LCD touchscreen

Optional Accessories

LCD touchscreen. Enables full control of the system without the need for a PC.

Overall Dimensions

Height: 2.00m
Width: 1.25m
Depth: 0.65m

Shipping Specification


  UOP30 Armsoft-LCD-15.6
Volume: 2.45m3 0.07m3
Gross weight: 230kg 2.6kg

Ordering Specification

  • Two design configurations supplied as standard (interface controller & weir and bucket & weir)
  • Compact / self-contained* floor standing unit
  • Computer controlled via optional LCD touchscreen (or user-supplied PC with USB interface)
  • Integrated data logging
  • Clear acrylic vessel for complete visualisation of the process (300mm x 900mm)
  • Adjustable interface controller to suit different oils
  • Adjustable bucket weir height
  • Adjustable weir height enables compatibility with a variety of oils
  • Mist extractor (demister pad) – Small scale and mounted externally to the main vessel, does not obscure the visibility of the separation process
  • Optical liquid level sensors x3
  • Colaescer x2
  • Feed tanks x2
  • Drain connection with valve for draining / cleaning the unit  
  • Electronic flow meters x3
  • Temperature sensors x3
  • Non-return valves x2
  • Feed pumps x3
  • Mains isolating switch
  • Electric control panel in main cabinet with earth leakage circuit breaker
  • Anti-syphon system on the air-stream
  • A comprehensive instruction manual with details of installation, operating procedures and sample experiments

*When used with the optional LCD touchscreen