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First of new biochemical engineering range

BE1 - Batch Enzyme Reactor

The new BE1 Batch Enzyme Reactor which demonstrates the industrially important glucose isomerisation reaction (converting glucose to fructose) catalysed by glucose isomerase is the first in a new range of biochemical engineering products from Armfield.

The reaction takes place inside a stirred vessel where the stirrer itself is a porous basket inside which the enzyme is immobilised. A polarimeter device which is integral to the unit monitors the glucose and fructose concentrations with time.


Instructional capabilities include:

  • Understanding the principles of batch enzyme kinetics
  • Understanding the factors affecting enzyme performance
  • Understanding the principles of polarimetry and Biot's law

Options include educational software and data logging accessories.

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PCT40 makes learning process control easier
Multifunction Process Control Teaching System

PCT40 - Multifunction Process Control Teaching System
PCT40 is the new way to teach a wide variety of process control techniques in a simple basic unit. Options can be added to study more advanced aspects of process control.

PCT40 is used under computer control to demonstrate a variety of single control loops. It can quickly be reconfigured between processes, such as level control, temperature control, flow control and pressure control. The advanced software allows the student to change the control parameters, record results and analyse the results from different configurations.

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