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It has been quite some time since our last Factfile newsletter and we hope this finds you well. We are pleased to announce the addition of three innovative products to our Food Technology range of miniature-scale research and development equipment. Read on for more details.

FT102LT - Carbonator Filler

Armfield FT102LT Carbonator Filler

The FT102LT utilises the same technology and many of the features and benefits of the FT102X, but features a smaller product capacity (15 litres). The system is available at a considerable cost saving over the FT102X - making it perfect for entry level R & D projects or for companies with limited budget. This system features an enhanced colour touch screen control and can be used for carbonated or non-carbonated beverages like soft drinks, fruit juices, water, milk, cordials, beers, wines and spirits. The FT102LT is capable of throughputs of up to 60 litres per hour using two litre bottles and can accommodate a wide range of cans and bottles.

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FT17 Cross Flow Membrane Filtration

Armfield FT17 Cross Flow Membrane Filtration

The FT17 is a laboratory-scale system for evaluating membranes in cross flow applications, enabling rapid determination of cross flow filtration performance. Using small product volumes (1 litre), a wide range of membrane types can be used and evaluated ready for scaleup to pilot or full production plant. The FT17 is also great for demonstrating the features of different membrane types and the effects of varying filtration types to students in colleges and universities.

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FT140 Mixing Vessels

Armfield FT140 Mixing Vessels

The Armfield FT140 Multipurpose Mixing Vessels have been designed for industrial applications and are ideal for product storage and formulation in factory and pilot plant environments. The mixing vessels come in two sizes 50l or 100l and are available with or without heaters, temperature controllers and high shear emulsifiers. All tanks are constructed with high quality hygienic materials and are supplied with an anti-dust cover, which is connected to an electronic safety switch.

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Armfield MyLab

Armfield MyLab

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you all how easy it is to compile a laboratory list for quotation, using the MyLab function on the new website. You can have multiple laboratory lists, can ask for immediate quotation, email the list to friends and even download all the datasheets for all listed products in one single click of a button. The MyLab experience makes it very simple to group wanted items together and make enquiries to the team.Give it a try - if you have not already done so!

Join us at our upcoming events

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At Armfield, we are committed to getting out and about and bringing our most popular miniature-scale research and development equipment to trade shows so everybody can see the quality of our engineering. We have just got back from the IFT show in New Orleans and would like to thank all of you that came to see us. If you missed this show, don't worry -
we will also be at the following shows this year.
Come along and see for yourself why the global food
industry chooses to develop with us!

FiA Jakarta - Stand H10
15-17 October 2014, Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia

HiE Amsterdam - Stand E4
2 – 4 December 2014, Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands

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