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New Products

Applied Fluid Mechanics: The C3 MkII Multi-Pump Test Rig

Armfield C3 MkII Multi-Pump Test Rig

The Armfield Multi-Pump Test Rig has been updated to offer the latest technology and ultimate flexibility in educational demonstration.

The C3 MkII is designed to demonstrate the operating characteristics (head-flow curves and efficiency) of a series of different types of pumps, including:

  • five different pump positions (4 active)
  • centrifugal pump and gear pump (supplied as standard)
  • axial pump, flexible impellor pump, turbine pump, diaphragm pump, piston pump and a second centrifugal pump (all available as accessories)
  • series/parallel pump demonstations can be performed with the second centrifugal pump option
Unique Features

  • Choice of 7 pump types - the widest range available
  • Complete flexibility and interchangeability
  • Electronic Instrumentation provided for flow, pressure head,
   suction and torque - enabling data logging and the additional
   benefits of the Armfield Educational Software
  • The system is PLC controlled, making it easy for the student
   to configure the various options and use the appropriate
   sensor readings

The unit allows a wide range of demonstrations and measurements, such as:

  • the effect of suction loss on performance, demonstrated using a control valve incorporated upstream of each pump (excluding axial pump)
  • electronic torque measurement, using a state of the art sensorless vector drive
  • electronic measurement of flow, pressure head and suction
  • optional volumetric flow measurement system for reciprocating pumps
  • optional data logging and educational software

To learn more about the C3 MkII Multi-Pump Test Rig, please view the datasheet or contact us.

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The wait is over... the Adsorption Unit is here!

The eagerly awaited Armfield UOP15 Fixed Bed Adsorption system has arrived. Available to you early 2nd quarter 2008, this unique piece of equipment will help your students to understand essential aspects of this important unit operation in chemical engineering.

Armfield UOP15 Adsorption Unit

The UOP15 is easy to configure and use, and introduces students to the fundamentals of adsorption and desorption processes. The unit demonstrates the adsorption of a solute from a binary gas mixture onto the surface of a solid adsorbent. The UOP15 is fully instrumented and controllable, so that the effect of process variables can be investigated.

The unit is supplied with a data-logging PC interface as standard, in addition to the following key features:

  • Stainless steel reactor column into which the adsorbent is loaded
  • Seven thermocouples along the length of the column, allowing the adsorption/desorption fronts to be followed with the Armfield Educational Software
  • Hot water circulation system, fitted with a PID temperature controller, giving accurate control over processing temperature
  • Valves for control of flow direction, pressure and rate, and a safety pressure relief valve
  • Electronic flowmeters, monitoring the flow rates of the carrier gas, helium, and the solute, carbon dioxide
  • IR detector, for measuring CO² concentration
  • Electronic sensors for all important functions, providing outputs for data logging and analysis

The data logger, provided with the unit, interfaces between the UOP15 and the user’s computer via USB. The associated software allows graph plotting, and provides full instructions on setting up the equipment and performing the experiments. All related theory and full help texts are provided.

The UOP15 Fixed Bed Adsorption system is available early 2nd quarter 2008. For further information, please view the datasheet or contact us.

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Complete Capture: FM60 Series Fluid Machines

The FM60 range of small scale turbine demonstration units offers the combination of usability, flexibility and affordability. The range provides a unique learning experience for your students, an intuitive interface for you to run demonstrations, and is at a price that will suit most budgets.

Armfield FM6X Turbine Service Unit

Designed around a common service unit, the FM6X (shown right with the FM62 Pelton Turbine), the range comprises the FM60 Axial Flow Impulse Turbine, FM61 Radial Flow Reaction Turbine and FM62 Pelton Turbine demonstration units.

Also available are the FM63 Propeller Turbine demonstration unit and the FM64 Pump Test Accessory.

The FM6X Turbine Service Unit is bench–mounted, comprising a clear acrylic reservoir and variable speed centrifugal pump which provide water to power the selected turbine.

Armfield FM60 Axial Flow Impulse Turbine Demonstration Unit

Pictured left, the FM60 Axial Flow Impulse Turbine contains a brass runner which is acted on by four jets of water. The flow to the turbine is adjusted by changing the pump speed or closing any of the spray nozzles.

The FM61 Radial Flow Reaction Turbine allows water to enter through a face seal and exit tangentially through two orifices, the reaction of which causes rotation of the runner.

The FM62 Pelton Wheel Turbine comes complete with spear valve to control water flow. The turbine buckets are shaped to extract maximum momentum from the passing jet of water, while the spear valve allows adjustment of the cross sectional area of the jet.

The FM63 Propeller Turbine is a floor–standing unit with a sump tank and recirculating pump, and is the only unit within the range that is not accommodated by the FM6X service unit. Loaded by an electronically controlled brake fitted with a load cell to measure torque, the unit has its own service unit to accommodate inherently larger water flows.

The FM64 Pump Test Accessory is a compact unit which allows the FM6X Turbine Service Unit to be used as a pump test accessory.

Advantages of the Armfield FM60 series include:

  • Usability — simple to set up and use
  • Optimal visibility enhances the learning experience — clear acrylic gives an excellent perspective on the workings of the turbines
  • Affordability — particularly when multiple turbines are required — as most of the instrumentation has been removed from the turbines themselves and is integrated into the common service unit
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Armfield Educational Software
  • Electronic control of primary functions via the user's PC or the IFD7 interface (essential accessories)
  • Optional accessory (FM64) allows a head flow curve to be generated for the FM6X service unit

To find out more on how the FM60 series could be helping your students to understand the principles behind turbines, please view the datasheet or contact us.

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In this edition of the Open Channel Lite we focus on the issue of ‘sustainable development’ in Engineering Education. Below you will find links to our pick of recent articles on the subject.

Live Green or Die
By Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp

An article discussing how the issue of ‘sustainability’ is increasingly driving engineering schools to re-examine their offerings – and a new generation of students eager to protect the planet.
Source: American Society for Engineering Education

View the full article here.

Realistic student enquiries, global challenges and the role of a development charity
By Peter Kahn and Keith Pullen

This article examines the ways in which Engineering programmes may assist in global challenges such as sustainable development. And, ‘alongside such a contribution to society’, Kahn & Pullen look at how universities are also exploring ways to focus student learning around realistic enquiries.
Source: Engineering Subject Centre

View the full article here (PDF 136 KB)

If you have an article which you would like to contribute to the Open Channel Lite, please email us.

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