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Armfield's Latest Catalogue & Products

Our freshly printed Catalogue (Edition 11, Issue 2) is now available, featuring our current ranges in chemical engineering highlighted below (UOP series) as well as many other exciting developments in Food Technology.

Armfield's flexible and powerful software (ArmSoft) is now integrated in many of our products. Visit the Armfield website for more information…

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Armfield Engineering Teaching & Research equipment

Chemical Engineering Teaching & Research units:
• Gas absorption
• Liquid / liquid extraction
* Water cooling tower

Food Technology Teaching & Research units:
Carbonator / filler
• Cross membrane filtration
• Vacuum freeze dryer
• Mixing vesels

Armsoft Data Logging Software
• Available for many Armfield products
* Wide range of features
• 4 products from basic data entry to customisable software using LabVIEW™
more details…

Updated Unit Operations Series

Armfield has updated their Unit Operations series (UOP) with three new and improved units for Cooling, Extraction and Absorption.

full UOP range details are available online…

Liquid / Liquid Extraction Unit (UOP5MKII)

Liquid / Liquid Extraction Unit (UOP5MKII)

Featured left, this unit provides an introduction into the operation of an industrial type of liquid/liquid extraction system. The unit uses Kerosine and has a number of features built in to ensure safe operation

Basic Water Cooling Tower (UOP6MKII)

An improved design to give students an appreciation of the construction, design and operational characteristics of a modern evaporative cooling system

Gas Absorption Column (UOP7MKII)

A pilot-scale apparatus enabling familiarity with the characteristics of packed tower hydrodynamics and adsorption processes. This unit comes with data logging software as standard.

Calling Experimenters

Thank you to those of you who responded to our last email calling for you to contact us about your experiments.

If you are writing or preparing any experiment involving our equipment we would love to hear from you and with your consent, possibly feature the document on our website and across our various media channels.

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