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  • The complete Fluid Mechanics laboratory
  • Introducing research flumes from Armfield
  • Article - What is Social Networking?

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New Products

F1 -The complete Fluid Mechanics laboratory


An improved range of equipment has been introduced to F1-10 Hydraulics Bench to fulfil a complete fluid mechanics laboratory, incorporating fluid statics, fluid dynamics, open channel flow and rotodynamic machines.

To complete the product range, we have launched a number of teaching products to demonstrate the many different aspects of hydraulic theory.

Fluid Statics
Armfield has separated the F9092 Fluid Properties & Hydrostatics Bench into individual components, to enable you to only purchase the equipment you need. These products consist of F1-11 Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Calibrator, F1-12 Hydrostatic Pressure, and F1-14 Basic Metacentric Height; together with three additional products, F1-29 Fluid Statics & Manometry, F1-30 Properties of Fluids and F1-31 Pascal’s Apparatus. You can buy any combination of product, and add to your laboratory as and when you need them. In addition, these products have been enhanced to ensure you can run the same experiments, but even better than before.

Fluid Dynamics
The C7-MkII Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus and C11-MkII Pipe Networks Accessory have been re-engineered as accessories rather than stand-alone products to make it easy for you to tailor your laboratory without committing to a major purchase of a bench for each experiment. By utilising these accessories on a bench, you can easily integrate the products into your labs cost effectively.

C11-MkII has been further enhanced with the pipe networks and fittings in a permanent arrangement, with isolating valves to choose the various configurations. You can now see the flow through clear acrylic test pipes; and a hand held pressure meter replaces a manometer to measure head losses in the pipe networks.

We have also introduced our new S16 Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator bench accessory which has been developed to overcome difficulties in understanding the fundamental hydraulics concept of energy and momentum and enables practical demonstrations of the effects of changes in upstream water level, downstream water level etc.

Rotodynamic machines
Due to popular customer demand, we have launched the F1-32 Francis Turbine. Using the F1-10 Hydraulics Bench, you can demonstrate power, efficiency and torque of a Francis Turbine at various speeds, and the product is designed to perfectly complement the F1-25 Demonstration Pelton Turbine.

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Introducing research flumes from Armfield


As the world’s major commercial designer and manufacturer of flumes for laboratory research, Armfield has lead the way with innovative designs ranging from the self-supporting bed in the highly acclaimed S6-MKII range of tilting flumes to the flat pack design for fixed bed flumes.

Modular construction methods have allowed great versatility with the options to expand, change or move the flumes with relative ease and at low cost.  Ergonomically, Armfield flumes offer ease of use and minimum space allocation, while the choice of materials for the wetted parts keep maintenance time and costs to a minimum.

Accuracy of the working section in terms of deflection under load is a paramount consideration, as is maximizing the working length under flow conditions. Armfield has the experience and expertise to ensure both of these critical elements are taken care of by guaranteeing deflection figures in the first instance and unique entry and exit designs in the latter.

Recent innovations include computer control and real time data logging packages to give both highly controlled repeatability and quick and easy data gathering.  S6-MkII-50 Software Control & Data Acquisition Package includes an inverter for electronic speed control for the flow channel pump. The package can also control the powered jacking system for setting slope bed. S6-MkII-90 Data Logging and Instrumentation System is included with S6-MkII-50 Package; and can be utilised to record slope of bed, pressure distribution, single low range differential pressure, water temperature.

Armfield recently announced an extended range of standard research flumes, both tilting and fixed bed, with cross section options to the working section of 600mm x 600mm and 1000mm x 1000mm. In both cases, they are available in lengths ranging from 7.5m to 15m in increments of 2.5m working length and are available in a variety of operating modes. These flumes (S20/S21/S22/S23) are computer controlled as standard.

Flumes_DatasheetThese, and other products from the Armfield range of open channels for both teaching and research, are featured in a new full colour brochure which lists not only the various equipment but also optional accessories including wave makers and instrumentation. There are also useful hints and advice to those preparing to invest in such a major facility, making this brochure a comprehensive guide to hydraulics and hydrology. 

To learn more, and watch our YouTube video, please visit our website. Alternatively, feel free to contact us to request your copy of the brochure.

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You will most likely have seen and heard about social media websites and portals in recent months, and you may be thinking “What’s all this social networking lark about, anyway?”

Social media marketing has had a phenomenal rise in popularity in the last two years, and people are increasingly using blogs and social networking sites to look for product and company recommendations.

This edition of Open Channel Lite features an article about the practical purposes of social networking, and the ways in which Armfield is joining the conversation.

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