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Fluid Mixing Studies


New MkII version features precise high-speed mixing and computer control with data logging.

  • Flat blade impellor
  • Rushton turbine impellor
  • Propellor
  • Highly visual, with variable-speed mixer with a range of interchangeable impellors
  • High-speed mixing available, 50 to 2200 rpm – NEW
  • Precise electronic rpm setting – NEW
  • Electronic measurement of torque – NEW
  • Removable baffles
  • Data logging software and computer control – NEW
  • True Rushton turbine impellor – NEW
  • Precise angle setting for the adjustable flat blade impellors – NEW
  • Optional removable heating/cooling coil with temperature sensor and meter – NEW

Fixed and Fluidised Bed Apparatus


The CELMkII is designed to facilitate the study of flow through fixed and fluidised beds of solid particles.


Gaseous Diffusion Coefficient Apparatus

Code: CERaMkII

Apparatus for investigation of mass transfer and gaseous diffusion has traditionally used a capillary tube in a hot water bath, with a travelling microscope used to measure the rate of diffusion over a period of time. Although capable of giving good results, this type of apparatus was not without its disadvantages, particularly ease of use.

Centrifugal Pump Demonstration Unit

Code: FM50

The centrifugal pump is the machine most commonly used to move liquids from one place to another. As such it is a particularly instructive unit that introduces students to the whole subject of rotodynamic fluid machines.

Series and Parallel Pumps Demonstration Unit

Code: FM51

Centrifugal pumps are often used together to enhance either the flow rate or the delivery pressure beyond that available from the single pump. The FM51 is designed to demonstrate the operational advantages of parallel or series operation.

Hammer/Beater Mill

Code: FT2

The mill consists of a simple but sturdy overhung beater cross design with ease of accessibility and cleaning. The four-armed cross revolves at a high speed, shattering or tearing anything fed in.

Ribbon and Cone Blender

Code: FT5

The FT5 features a four-litre stainless steel batch mixing vessel and an electrically driven interrupted helical ribbon. The speed of the blender can be varied and measured, in order to study effects of speed on the mixing process.

Plate and Frame Filter Press

Code: FT14

This type of filter is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and distilling industries. The FT14 has been designed to allow clear demonstration of the mode of operation as well as experimentation for scale-up to industrial processes.


Code: FT19

The Armfield Autoclave FT19 is a laboratory-scale portable autoclave suitable for in-container sterilisation of food products and microbiological media.