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Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System

Code: C16

The C16 facilitates the viewing of the complex flow patterns associated with water flowing past solid objects or boundaries. The system uses the 'hydrogen bubble technique' to clearly show changes in the direction of the water.

Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume

Code: C4MKII

The Armfield Multi-purpose Teaching Flume has been specifically designed to demonstrate the principles of fluid mechanics when applied to engineering structures in open channel flow.

Fluid Friction Measurements

Code: C6MKII

The Armfield C6MkII provides facilities for the detailed study of fluid friction head losses which occur when an incompressible fluid flows through pipes, fittings and flow metering devices. For use with the Armfield F1-10 Hydraulics bench.

Complete Fluid Mechanics Laboratory - F1-10

Code: F1

Based around the F1-10 Hydraulics Bench, this range of equipment has been extended and reinforced with an integrated range of hydrostatics teaching accessories and some new hydraulics products. Thus the complete curriculum can be covered.

Osborne Reynolds' Apparatus

Code: F5

A robust item of equipment designed to reproduce the classic experiments of Professor Osborne Reynolds.

Fluid Properties & Hydrostatics Bench

Code: F9092

The F9092 demonstrates the properties of fluids and their behaviour under hydrostatic conditions, enabling students to develop an understanding and knowledge of a wide range of fundamental principles before studying fluids in motion.

Soil/Water Model Tank

Code: FEL2

A free-standing, self-contained apparatus for laboratory-scale investigations of surface irrigation and related systems, including the surface and sub-surface effects of water application.

Rainfall Simulator

Code: FEL3

The FEL3 can be used in the laboratory or the field for simulated soil erosion and stabilisation studies. Ideal for investigating the relationship between rainfall and soil erosion, and identifying methods by which erosion may be prevented.

Demonstration Lysimeter

Code: FEL6

The FEL6 provides a useful means of measuring evapotranspiration by the water-balance method. Suitable for both student project work and demonstrational purposes.