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Flow Meter Demonstration Unit

Code: C9

The Armfield C9 Flow Meter Demonstration Unit is a self-contained facility for the demonstration of the important characteristics of 14 types of flow meter used in the measurement of water flow through pipes or open channels.

Computer Controlled Subsonic Wind Tunnel

Code: C15

Suitable for undergraduate training and project work, the Armfield C15 is a small benchtop wind tunnel with a transparent working section. A wide range of accessories are available, allowing the comprehensive study of subsonic aerodynamics.

Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System

Code: C16

The C16 facilitates the viewing of the complex flow patterns associated with water flowing past solid objects or boundaries. The system uses the 'hydrogen bubble technique' to clearly show changes in the direction of the water.

Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume

Code: C4MKII

The Armfield Multi-purpose Teaching Flume has been specifically designed to demonstrate the principles of fluid mechanics when applied to engineering structures in open channel flow.

Fluid Friction Measurements

Code: C6MKII

The Armfield C6MkII provides facilities for the detailed study of fluid friction head losses which occur when an incompressible fluid flows through pipes, fittings and flow metering devices. For use with the Armfield F1-10 Hydraulics bench.

Automotive Diesel Engine

Code: CM12

The CM12 is a self contained diesel/biodiesel engine test rig, ideal for investigating typical performance parameters. The unit can be linked to a PC and is supplied with both educational software and the manufacturer's own diagnostic software.

Axial Flow Turbine Engine

Code: CM14

The Armfield CM14 is an aeronautical axial flow gas turbine engine. Easily connected to the user's PC, the unit is supplied with powerful educational software to control and measure a wide range of performance variables and record data.

Single Cylinder Combustion Engine

Code: CM20

The Armfield CM20 Single Cylinder Engine Range provides a self-contained engine test rig which enables students to investigate a range of engine performance characteristics. The unit is designed to be linked to a computer, and is supplied with sophisticated educational data acquisition software.

Gasoline Engine

Code: CM11MKII

The CM11MkII Gasoline Engine is a self-contained gasoline engine test rig, enabling students to investigate a range of performance characteristics. The unit is designed to be linked to a PC, and is supplied with sophisticated educational data acquisition software.