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Design and manufacture of equipment for engineering education and research. Constantly evolving for the growing demands of the engineering education sector.


Hammer/Beater Mill

Code: FT2

The mill consists of a simple but sturdy overhung beater cross design with ease of accessibility and cleaning. The four-armed cross revolves at a high speed, shattering or tearing anything fed in.

Ribbon and Cone Blender

Code: FT5

The FT5 features a four-litre stainless steel batch mixing vessel and an electrically driven interrupted helical ribbon. The speed of the blender can be varied and measured, in order to study effects of speed on the mixing process.

Plate and Frame Filter Press

Code: FT14

This type of filter is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and distilling industries. The FT14 has been designed to allow clear demonstration of the mode of operation as well as experimentation for scale-up to industrial processes.


Code: FT19

The Armfield Autoclave FT19 is a laboratory-scale portable autoclave suitable for in-container sterilisation of food products and microbiological media.

Oil Extraction Screw Press

Code: FT28

The FT28 is a relatively simple, small-scale capacity press, suitable for laboratory work. Seed or ground meal is gravity fed to the press from an integral feed hopper, with variable press cake thickness.

Fluidised Bed Dryer

Code: FT31

A simple, compact fluidised bed dryer, conveniently portable and easy to operate. The Fluidised Bed Dryer offers a number of significant advantages when compared with conventional drying techniques.

Drum Dryer

Code: FT32

A laboratory-scale drum dryer, designed for food, chemical and pharmaceutical research. The FT32 can be used for both product development and education, demonstrating the many drum drying applications.

Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer

Code: FT36

The Armfield Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer combines these two important industrial processes into one scaled-down freezer cabinet. The unit enables the detailed study of the batch blast freezing process.

Multi-purpose Processing Vessel

Code: FT40

A vital stage in the preparation of food products is the accurate addition and mixing of ingredients. The FT40 provides a 20-litre jacketed vessel, fitted with an emulsifying mixer, and incorporates heating and chilling capabilities.

Laboratory Pasteuriser

Code: FT43

The Armfield Laboratory Pasteuriser is a benchtop unit designed to provide practical training for the operation of a large modern pasteurising plant. The unit may also be used for project work, in particular to measure the effects on product quality of different process conditions.


Laboratory Pasteuriser

Code: FT75

The FT75 is an example of modern high-temperature, short-time (HTST) pasteurisers used in food production. Utilising a three-stage plate heat exchanger, it provides an excellent example of a production line approach to food manufacturing.

Benchtop Rapid Extractor

Code: FT110X

The Armfield FT110X Benchtop Rapid Extractor is used to extract the active constituents from small (one litre) samples of materials.

Modular Miniature-scale HTST/UHT Process System

Code: FT174X

Treats products at flow rates of 20-60 l/hr. Modules available for: direct/indirect heating; aseptic processing; upstream/downstream homogenization; additional chilling. Options enable multiple modules to be included in the same system, giving high process adaptability.


Code: FT74XTS

A miniature-scale UHT/HTST processing system optimised for product-development use. The FT74XTS service unit will enable research and development teams to produce high-quality samples of new products using minimal ingredients.

Many features including Pasteurisation throughputs up to 50 l/hr (plate heat exchanger)

Butter Churn and Butter Making Accessories

Code: FT21/21A

The Armfield Butter Churn provides practical training in the preparation of butter by the traditional method, and allows the investigation of the effect of process temperature and agitation time.

Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Code: FT33MKII

The Armfield Freeze Dryer is a compact unit with an insulated working chamber. It incorporates a built-in refrigeration system and temperature-controlled heating system.

Contact Plate Freezer

Code: FT34MkII

The FT34Mkll demonstrates an industrial fast-freezing process in a simple, practical and student-friendly configuration. It directly illustrates the large improvements in taste and texture that can be achieved by fast-freezing processes.

Spray Dryer

Code: FT30MkIII

The FT30MkIII is a bench mounted unit, designed for the rapid assessment of processes involving aqueous emulsions, solutions, suspensions and colloids. The spray dryer processes a liquid product, producing a dry, fine powder.

Cheese Vat & Cheese Making Accessories

Code: FT20/FT20A

The Armfield Cheese Vat is designed to provide practical training in the production of cheese by the traditional method. When making Cheddar type cheese, approximately 1kg of cheese is produced from a ten-litre batch of milk.

Laboratory Steam Generator

Code: UOP10

The UOP10 is an advanced boiler, providing a constant, steady supply of steam. The compact unit requires only connection to water and electrical supply for operation.

Disc Bowl Centrifuge

Code: FT15

The FT15 is designed to provide practical training in the technique of separating a heavy phase liquid from a lighter phase liquid, with particular emphasis on the separation of cream from milk. Throughputs of up to 125 litres/hour are possible.

Cross Flow Membrane Filtration

Code: FT17

The Armfield FT17 is a lab-scale system for evaluating membranes in a cross-flow filtration application enabling rapid determination of cross flow filtration performance using a range of membrane types with small product volumes (1 litre). It can also be used in teaching applications to demonstrate features of different membrane types and the effect of varying filtration variables.

Rising Film Evaporator

Code: FT22

The Armfield Rising Film Evaporator is a floor-standing unit, designed to provide practical training for the operation of large modern evaporator equipment in industry.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Systems

Code: FT25

Armfield miniature-scale heat exchanger systems enable developers to run small trials, which provide enough information to enable scale-up to larger plant with confidence. A wide range of configurations are available.

CentriPeel Centrifuge

Code: FT27

The CentriPeel centrifuge is a basket type separator, designed to save time in R&D operations. The FT27 can be operated at up to 400g, reducing the hours typically required for gravity setting a liquid to just a few minutes.

Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit

Code: FT29

The FT29 is a batch process unit suitable for teaching and research. Capable of a variety of solid/liquid extractions, it is particularly suitable for leaching edible oils from seeds and desolventising extracted solids and miscella.

Continuous In-line Deaerator

Code: FT51

The Armfield FT51 Continuous In-line Deaerator unit has been designed to mirror the industrial processes of vacuum deaeration. This unit enables small quantities of food and other liquid products to be processed conveniently in the lab.

Clean In Place Unit

Code: FT52

The Armfield FT52 has been designed to provide additional cleaning performance for Armfield FT units and other equipment. It consists of a high flow rate stainless steel centrifugal pump mounted on a mobile frame.

Laboratory Process Chiller

Code: FT63

The FT63 is a recirculating process chiller, providing a continuous supply of chilled liquid to serve as cooling fluid when used with an Armfield miniature-scale processing unit. Particularly suitable for use with an Armfield FT74/FT74XTS UHT system.

Neutraliser / Washer / Bleacher

Code: FT66

The Armfield FT66 is a floor-standing batch processing vessel capable of carrying out the important pre-refining stages on small quantities of crude edible oils. Suitable for teaching/training and research and development.

Hydrogenation Unit

Code: FT67

The FT67 is a floor-standing batch processing vessel, used to adjust the degree of saturation of 25-litre batches of edible oils. An integral part of the edible oil processing line, for use in teaching/training and research and development.

Deodorising Unit

Code: FT68

The Armfield FT68 Deodorising Unit is a floor-standing batch processing vessel, suitable for steam stripping of fatty acids from edible oils. For use in teaching/training and research and development.

Sterile Filling System

Code: FT83

The FT83 is a small-scale, cost-effective solution to producing sterile packaged samples with excellent shelf life. Features a working chamber with a controlled, clean environment, and facilities to sterilise product paths and control filling.

Sterile Vessel

Code: FT85

The Armfield FT85 Sterile Vessel can store UHT processed product for sterile filling at a later point. It eliminates product wastage associated with pilot-scale continuous operation filling systems that lack buffering capacity.

Laboratory-scale Rapid Extractor

Code: FT111

Ideally suited to product development purposes, the Armfield FT111 Laboratory-scale Rapid Extractor is used to extract the active constituents from materials in laboratory-scale batch sizes.

Mixing Vessels

Code: FT140

Armfield FT140 Multipurpose Mixing Vessels are designed and constructed using high-quality hygienic industry standard materials. These tanks are available in three models in varying configurations (see table) and are available in 50l and 100l volumes. All three models have an internal surface made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

HTST/UHT Mini Pilot System

Code: FT94X

The Armfield FT94X HTST/UHT Mini Pilot system extends the range of continuous operation scaled-down units offered by Armfield to 200 l/hr (30-100 l/hr standard format).


Code: FT102X

The Armfield FT102X miniature-scale carbonator enables precise and flexible carbonation and filling in the laboratory, dramatically improving the speed with which new products can be developed.

UHT Mini Pilot System

Code: FT94LT

Due to the increased demands from marketing departments, food and beverage manufacturers' R&D teams are required to prepare increasingly larger volumes of sample product. As a result, Armfield have developed the new FT94LT Mini Pilot System complete with Tubular Heat Exchanger. The new FT94LT is a cost-effective HTST/UHT processing system, based on a tubular heat exchanger only, with a range of options including data logging, to tailor the product to your requirements.

Carbonator - Filler - FT102LT

Code: FT102LT

The Armfield FT102X has a well-deserved reputation for being simply the best Carbonator-Filler on the market. The new Armfield FT102LT utilises the same technology and most of the features and benefits, in a smaller, more cost-effective package.


Microwave UHT Add-on

Code: FT84-12

The Armfield Microwave UHT/HTST unit has been developed for the rapid heating of various types of viscous, non-viscous and even non-homogeneous products. Product temperatures up to 160°C can be reached.

Modular Cross Flow Filtration

Code: FT18MkII

The Armfield FT18 MkII is a small pilot-scale cross flow filtration system designed to operate with a range of membrane module configurations.

Multifunction Laboratory Mixers

Code: FT141/142

The Armfield FT141 and FT142 are versatile batch processing vessels, the FT142 having UHT capability. They are suitable for high shear mixing, dispersing, homogenising, emulsifying, evaporation and vacuum deaerating.

Tall Form Spray Dryer and Chiller

Code: FT80/FT81

The FT80 Tall Form Spray Dryer and FT81 Spray Chiller are purpose designed to allow laboratory quantities of products to be processed. Despite the small-scale, the powders produced will be comparable to large-scale production.

Homogenisation Sub-Systems

Code: FT90/FT91

The FT90 and FT91 are complete inline homogenisation subsystems for use with Armfield miniature-scale food-processing equipment.