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Temperature Measurement and Calibration

Code: TH1

The Armfield Temperature Measurement and Calibration unit is designed to introduce students to temperature, and how different techniques can be employed to measure this variable.

Pressure Measurement and Calibration

Code: TH2

The TH2 introduces students to the physical science of pressure, exploring the concepts of pressure, calibration, engineering units, errors and linearity using a Bourdon pressure gauge and pressure sensor connected to a dead weight pressure calibrator.

Saturation Pressure

Code: TH3

The TH3 demonstrates how the temperature of water behaves at its boiling point with variation in the absolute pressure. Saturation curves can be generated, and the quality of steam exiting the apparatus can be determined.

Recycle Loops

Code: TH4

Recycle is a phenomenon, which occurs in everyday life, but can lead to confusion in engineering applications. The TH4 demonstrates recycle, allowing mass and energy balances to be performed under steady and unsteady state conditions.

Expansion Processes of a Perfect Gas

Code: TH5

The Armfield Expansion Processes of a Perfect Gas apparatus has been designed to introduce students to a range of basic thermodynamic processes using air as the working fluid.