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Aerobic Digester

Code: W11

The continuous activated sludge process has been successfully employed in public health engineering installations for nearly a century. The W11 is designed as a comprehensive study facility of this process.

Deep Bed Filter Column

Code: W5MkII

The laboratory-scale Armfield Deep Bed Filter Column has been designed to operate identically to full-scale granular filters. Using the same bed depth and filter media, tests on this unit provide operational data, which may be scaled up to full size.

Anaerobic Digester

Code: W8

The Armfield Anaerobic Digester is designed as a benchtop training facility and as a means of providing operational process data for plant design purposes.

Flocculation Test Unit

Code: W1MkII

The equipment allows for the well-known 'jar tests' to be conducted on water samples requiring treatment to determine the correct coagulant dosage on a laboratory scale as a prelude to full-scale plant operation.

Sedimentation Studies Apparatus

Code: W2MkII

The Armfield Sedimentation Studies Apparatus provides a facility for studying the basic physical processes involved in sedimentation.


Permeability/Fluidisation Studies Apparatus

Code: W3MkII

The Armfield Permeability/Fluidisation Studies Apparatus is designed for students to measure and understand the characteristics of flow through a bed of particles. Such flows occur both naturally (in certain groundwater situations) and in process plant designs.The apparatus can also be used as part of the testing of media for water and waste water filtration.

Filterability Apparatus

Code: W4MkII

The Armfield Filterability Apparatus enables a water quality test to be made on a suspension to be filtered through sand or similar granular media. As well as for student teaching, it can be used in routine control at waterworks, or at a sewage treatment works that employs teriary filtration.

Model Sedimentation Tank

Code: W7MkII

The W7MkII has been designed to demonstrate the hydraulic characteristics and settling efficiencies of a model settling basin. Although scale-up to industrial size sedimentation tanks is difficult, relevant deductions can be made as to how nonuniform flows occur and how these interact with the settling characteristics of particular suspensions.

Ion Exchange Unit

Code: W9MkII

Bench mounted unit designed to demonstrate the use of ion-exchange resins for either continuous water softening or demineralisation.

Aeration Unit

Code: W10MkII

The purpose of the Armfield Aeration Unit is to permit study of the oxygen transfer characteristics of diffused air systems and the physical and chemical parameters that influence their oxygenation capacity.